Explosive Trace Detectors


Desktop and handheld trace detection

Drawing on its rich experience in advanced ion technologies,  Leidos Security Detection & Automation has multiple advancements in trace detection technology that make its systems easier to use, less costly to own, and yield better detection results than competing products.


The B220 provides simultaneous detection of explosives and drugs, delivering results in seconds. It performs real-time detection with rapid clear-down and is completely network capable. When detection occurs, it provides audio and visual alarm indications, including substance identification. Authorized users can access spectrogram display and analysis, administrative, and diagnostic tools through the easy-to-use interface.

B220 HT

The B220 HT is a performance upgrade to the B220.  It is a robust solution with optimized software and hardware designed for checkpoints with high throughput or high sampling rates. It also includes a newer sampling wand that reduces contact between the security officer, the passenger or passenger’s belongings being sampled. The B220 HT is totally network capable.


The H150 Handheld Trace Detector incorporates inCal™, a patented, fully automatic internal calibration system, that monitors the environment, senses changes that would affect its accuracy, and re-calibrates accordingly. No user intervention, no calibration consumables, no system down-time.


The H150E™ detects and identifies trace amounts for a wide variety of explosives and narcotics. The system's real-time detection algorithm delivers fast results, alerting the operator as soon as a threat is detected. With rapid clear down, the H150E is ready for the next sample within seconds, even after a positive detection.




The ConnectETD™ networking solution is widely deployed commercially and instantly gives a real-time status of up to 200 connected B220 systems. It provides a robust solution that features remote troubleshooting/diagnostics and the capability of enabling remote software upgrades. Connecting into existing systems architecture, customers can monitor alarms, system health and generate reports and chart performance statistics.



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